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Yellowstone Ski


November 25th-29th, 2014


It has come to our attention that there are many rumors circulating about a "coaching fee" that will be required for the 2014 and future Yellowstone Ski Festivals.  
First and foremost, THERE IS NO CHANGE FOR THE JUNIOR AND SENIOR TRAINING TEAMS.  Organizations and individuals are required to have a special use authorization if they are providing a commercial service on National Forest Lands. Essentially any service for a fee requires a special use permit through an outfitter/guide type authorization or a recreation/special event permit. In the case of Yellowstone Ski Festival/Fall Camp, there is and has been an existing recreation event special use permit with the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce dba Yellowstone Ski Festival. YSF has an operating plan, indemnification insurance for the US Government, and a safety plan in place that is approved by the US Forest Service, and pays all fees associated with the festival to the US Government. This is a long standing permit and one that has worked well for years.
Through this Special Use Permit, the Rendezvous Ski Trails are treated as a private ski area for the month of November.  
Our permit with the Forest Service doesn't allow non-licensed concessionaires to offer paid services on the trails. YSF offers its own Masters clinics and is the only licensed concessionaire, therefore unauthorized groups offering paid clinics and/or training are in violation of the permit with the Forest Service. Traditionally, YSF has allowed Junior and Senior teams to train on the trails because their coaching does not conflict with the purpose of the festival.  THERE IS NO CHANGE FOR THE JUNIOR AND SENIOR TRAINING TEAMS.
There is an infrastructure already in place for group Master level clinics.  YSF Fall Camp directors are open to the concept of including other Masters ski clubs who have plans to visit during November and provide instruction to ski club members. Having groups under the YSF umbrella is best for all involved, keeps clubs legal, and facilitates the best experience for skiers as well. If any Club is interested in providing an organized Masters group instruction during the month of November, please contact the YSF Clinic Director Drew Barney at 406-640-1367.




For a great videos courtesy of Kirk Nichols:

Rendezvous Ski Trails preview: http://youtu.be/EA1QwJ6DXlQ 

Ernie's Race U18 - U 16: http://youtu.be/rh-TqgkUjnw 
Men's 15km Super Tour: http://youtu.be/WnDGUUdx3aI 
Women's 10km Super Tour: http://youtu.be/zSOWf7tky38 
M W Sprint Semi- Finals & Finals: http://youtu.be/op7_Z8xhqBE 
W M Sprint Quarter Finals: http://youtu.be/XUhvKvgEOqk 

More videos can be found at:  http://www.youtube.com/nicholskk

For over 30 years, cross country skiers from across North America and around the world have traveled to West Yellowstone, Montana’s Yellowstone Ski Festival to begin their Nordic ski season on the Rendezvous Ski Trails. The Yellowstone Ski Festival takes place during Thanksgiving week. The event's highlights include a series of Nordic skiing clinics, SuperTour races, Biathlon races, the On Snow Gear Demo, an Indoor Ski Show, and a variety of presentations, clinics, and classes.

Whether you are a beginning skier or an experienced racer, West Yellowstone is THE place to start your ski season. Each year, approximately 3500 skiers from around the United States and Canada travel to West Yellowstone for the Yellowstone Ski Festival. Where else can you participate in ski clinics coached by former Olympic athletes and lifelong Nordic skiers, try out and purchase the latest ski gear and accessories, and share the Rendezvous Trails with so many great skiers? The Yellowstone Ski Festival offers all of that and more!

We hope that we will see you at the 2014 Yellowstone Ski Festival. Stay tuned to this website for regular updates as our planning progresses.  Please support our local sponsors and the equipment manufacturers who come to West Yellowstone for Thanksgiving.